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PV brokers are solar power distributors delivering top quality products at the best market price to solar installation businesses. Our strong backing enables us to offer very strong pricing without reducing quality, this provides reassurance to installers and their clients

PV brokers is a Brisbane based solar power wholesale business, with branches in Sydney & Melbourne. Our core business is distribution of solar panel, but also provide grid connect inverters and solar racking products to CEC accredited solar power installation companies across Australia

Our aim is to make solar power systems affordable without reducing the performance, while delivering a trusted reliable, well backed product to solar installation businesses.

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Solar Panels
"Hats off to your financing solutions and ROI calculators. It certainly is helping my clients to make an informed decision on their solar system". Andy
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Why choose PV brokers?

Since 2004, we have been involved with solar products, providing high end solar products to hundreds of clients across the globe, including Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East & Asia. We now serve both the grid-tie and off-grid markets for homes, businesses, government & education. 

What We Offer

PVbrokers.com.au offer solar installation companies volume pricing on solar panels, DC/AC inverters, solar racking as well as some of the best solar power wholesale prices in Australia. We provide solar installation companies with quality products & high level of service, support & marketing guidance. We also provide an array of professional solar finance and other solar solutions. Our sophisticated solar power finance solution and solar calculator, calculates the ROI. PV brokers provides leading edge tools to our clients in the solar power industry.

Solar Power Inverter

We are able to source premium inverter with sizes ranging from 1.5kw to 5kw. There have been over 20,000 of or product range installed through-out Australia, with the inverter manufacturer providing local support & service with a head office based in Melbourne.

Solar Racking Systems

Solar roof racking is a premium solar panel racking mounting system engineered with maximum design & flexibility. Designed for Australian conditions & used right throughout Australia by CEC accredited installers. This solar railing system will be the perfect premium racking system for any solar installation.

Solar Panels

We have top quality, high performance panels with a price/quality advantage. Backed by a worldwide major player in the solar industry, you can be assured you only have the best panel requirements for your clients needs. Panels have some of the best output, labour and performance warranties available in Australia.
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